Thursday, March 22, 2012

WBC2012 - All systems are Go

Welcome again to todays instalment of WBC2012. The pace of the convention is so hectic, I can barely keep up. I will have to do a seperate post of all the wonderful new designs in the welcome room. So, let us review the competitions that finished. I hope this is not too long and boring for you all. Let me know if it is.

First up we have the Awesome Aussies in Amanda, Stacey and Matt, and the postcard from Australia Large Sculpture. well done team.
The jester is very cool and he rotates as well.

It appears that what I though was a naked lady is actually a cherub. Whoops. To be fair I was stuck behind the barrier and didn't get the best view.... that's my story and I am sticking to it!

Some conjecture as to whether the next one is a large bird or dragon. I'll let you decide.

Team Italia were soimpressed by their sculpture they wanted to gaze adoringly at it!

Our Russian friends showed us a pizza oven with the owners sitting on top in traditional garb.

Welcome to the Prep Room. This is where we weave our special type of magic. Here are my room mates Lisa Swiger (USA). The Balloon Bros Dominic and Keith (UK), and Federico Onida (Italy) on the floor at the back. As you can see it is work, work, work...

Here is the majority of the Aussie contingent. Rumoured to be the largest international group at WBC. Top effort!

I hope this video works. It is the Instructors and staff welcoming the Delegates to the opening night of WBC. lots and lots of fun.

Here are the two "Big Boys", Mr Q and our MC Robbie Furman...

...and as always being generous with their time and their smiles, it is Mr and Mrs Qualatex, Ted and Betty Vlamis.

Phew. What a day. Teaching tomorrow so on deck early. Costume night coming up so that should be ...errrr... "interesting viewing".

Let me know if you are enjoying this so far. i'd love to get some comments, and any suggestions on what you want to see.

love your work.


  1. Hey Dave,
    I am loving the blogs, it feels like I am there when sadly I am not!! Looks like you are all having a blast!! Hope all your classes are going well!!
    Can't wait to see some photos of the gang in their costumes at circus night and what I imagine will be amazing decor for the party!
    Say hi to the troops for me :)
    Lots of love Melissa Riley - Gift Balloo

  2. Hi Melissa.
    Sorry you couldn't be here, but I am glad the Blog is keeping you informed. Yes we are having an amazing time, and the decor last night was just brilliant. I wonder what final night will be like....? I'll pass on your best wishes to the group.
    See ya soon.