Saturday, March 24, 2012

WBC Fancy Dress Party

Today was the first full day of classes. Here is a quick snapshot of the creation one of the hands on groups in my "fantastic foils mix up" class made.

There is a really positive vibe around the place and there were lots of lovely people who came up and said hi and complimented me on my classes, so a big thankyou to all those generous souls!!
It was no secret that everyone was looking forward to Circus night and getting dressed up. I came as the Human Cannonball, and found a compatriot, Brandon, amongst the throng!

There stacks of very clever costumes and here are just a few of them.
Firstly we have Tina, Amanda, Di, Maureen, Cheryle and Stacey in the front.

Amanda and Chelsea (both Pioneer, Rachelle, Mala and Matt

Then it was into the ballroom through the fantastic clown entry arches that were there to greet us.

We walked in to see a huge canopy over the centre of the room, complete with illuminated clown face and fairy lights chasing up and down the garland.

We were surrounded by an assortment of colourful centrepieces - including clown faces of course!

Then look to the front of the room to see the awesome stage with circus letter sculptures.

800+ balloonies in the one place is going to make for a sensational party. Here is a sneeky peek at the craziness on the dancefloor.

And the dancing spilled back into the room as well, as Beth and Rachelle are demonstrating.

We all had an wesome night, awesome theme and awesome headache the next morning.
Love your work.


  1. Hey David,
    Nice pictures,I wish I could enjoy that. And I like the most is "fantastic foils mix up" picture. cheers!

  2. Nice Blog!! Colorful images and everyone is looking so beautiful in their lovely dresses.
    Decoration is also very nice and sophisticated.It looks really awesome that every age group of people are participating in it.

  3. It is a lovely blog!!!!

    This post has great idea to arrange a full of fun party. All dress looks fancy and beautiful. Thanks

  4. Check if they have a return policy. Ask if there is a definite time period in which the dress must be returned or if they are issuing a full refund if you are unsatisfied.