Thursday, March 22, 2012

Large Sculpture Competition Update

With just over 1 hour to go in the competitions it is looking magnificent. Here are some images so far...
Remember that photo I posted at the start of the competitions yesterday. The room looks a bit different huh?

This picture shows Aussie team members who have worked through the night and are racing with their twisting to meet the deadline. An outstanding effort from our team lead by Amanda.

Looks like CC drew her inspiration and staying power from "The Ray"...

This piece impressed me. It is not single 350Q's, but each couple of 350Q's is inside a clear 646Q and then has been bent, twisted etc, to create the shell.

This is going to be a very large bird. I watched the ladies painstakingly twisting every feather of the wings and body yesterday. All balloons were double stuffed. It is finger cramping work, but it will pay dividends.

And here is Amanda rigging the sunset over sydney harbour. You can see the Opera House in the foreground, the pylon is up - just waiting for the bridge. The harbour is looking fantastic. Emu s there and waratah flowers. Very cool concept.

Here is the view of the nude lady from her...uhum...derrier (young children should avert their eyes). The manipulation required to create this sculpture is quite awesome.

Remember the bird you saw a bit earlier. Here it is within the last 2 hours. WoW!

C'mon Amanda. Go you good thing! Just over an hour to go! Many of the team members have retreated to their beds to catch a few hours precious shut eye, before they get up again to compete in other design categories. There are 28 Aussies here, and it is the cream of the Australian industry. Simply by entering the competitions, they have done themselves (and the Australian industry) proud. Their efforts will win much respect for the Australian Balloon Industry.

and here are sone other entry pieces.

As I type there is 45 inutes to go before the end of the competition. Gotta go and cheer on the team.

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