Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing is Caring

The thing I love about the balloon industry in NSW is that everyone is willing to help each other out. There are two industry bodies - BASA NSW and QBN. Both are vibrant groups of balloon professionals that offer training and info to members.
At a recent training event I saw this design that was done by Maureen Egan from Balloon Elegance. She shared her design from her portfolio with everyone at the training session.

A client asked me to come up with a design for their Brazilian Carnivale them at the office. Thanks to Maureen, I had the perfect design in my repertoir.

Thankfully Maureen is simply following on from all the instructors who have come before her. When I am called on to instruct I try to share design concepts that will (hopefully) enhance other balloon businesses.

By sharing we create a stronger industry and a bigger base of decorators for our customers to choose from. As a customer you should ask your chosen decorator if they have their CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) or BASA Accreditation. If they do, they are part of a network of professional balloon artists, and you can feel confident in using their services. They can create fantastic designs like the ones you see here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black and White...with a hint of Christmas

I wanted to do a short piece about this job we did late last year. There are two reasons.

1) It was one of the most simple and most stunning decor jobs we did (unfortunately the photos do not do it justice).

2) Have a look at the ceiling height.

I booked a Christmas party at a new venue in Sydney that I have never decorated before. I neglected to do my homework on the venue specs, and where we would be able to set up at the venue.

I dropped Alicia and Wendy at the venue, wished them good luck and I raced off to collect the others who were at another job. To their credit, the girls managed to find the tiniest little area, and with time against them, they got it done.

When I returned the client loved it, and it took my breath away as I entered the room. I was amazed that such a simple concept could look so sensational.
I apologise that the photos do not do it justice.