Friday, February 26, 2010

Terrific TAPERS

...So in the last post we looked at the starpoints. This post features the other part of the new design - the terrific tapers.
Very simplistic in their line and form, but they allow great creativity and are hugely versatile. You can see how we use them below.

taper topiary balls and a funky design

and great if you ned to fill a big space like Parramatta Leagues Club Auditorium (before 2009 NRL Grand Final)

You can also have a bit of some magic flowers hovering in mid air as a different type of entry for your guests.

and want something around the office to add some colour but not get in the way - the blue and gold theme here again.

so give the tapers a go, and let your imagination run wild

Thursday, February 25, 2010

STARPOINTS - reach for the stars

With everything that has been happening lately, I haven't had a chance to show off these fantastic new designs - STARPOINTS and TAPERS. The balloons by themselves may not seem like much, but as Darryl Kerrigan (Michael Caton) says in 'The Castle', "it's what you do with them, luv!"

New Years Eve at the Shangri-La is always a big event, and we needed to provide the big effect.

Level 36 featured the Sensational Starpoints. A starpoint wall greeted guests as they arrived.

Then as the guests moved into the main room they were awestruck by the way we had transformed the room with starpoint columns and arches. From all reports they had a Happy New Year!!

Here are a few other designs we have done with the Starpoints.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feather Fantasy

The Australian Balloon Convention in May 2009 was a huge success. One highly talented instructor, Tope Abulude, from the UK showed us a number of fantastic new designs. I liked his centrepiece featuring feathers. This was a concept that I had never even considered, however as soon as I saw it, I decided to add this great design to my repertoire.

Back to MAD HQ and looking for opportunities to sell my new "Feather Fantasy" Centrepiece.
A masquerade theme soon came along.....

Then there was the 60th birthday - red carpet affair.....

These Feather Fantasy centrepieces are suitable for any theme, come in a huge variety of colours and can be upsized dramatically to suit any occasion. They can also be added to highlight other fantastic centrepieces. Sensational!!