Saturday, September 24, 2011

NOT Nagini we are driving to a job site and Kim yells out "Oh My Goodness, is that a reeeeal snake?" I look out the window and see this friendly guy poking his head up on Kim's door window. I was driving at about 80km/h so he was hanging onto the side of the van for all he was worth.
In answer to Kim's question I replied,"not sure, let's slide the window down to have a better look, and see if he IS a real snake...." the time we arrived at Parramatta RSL the ringing in my ears had stopped and my hearing had returned to normal.
Kim states that she is not getting out of the van, so it is left to me to calm the savage beast. I grabbed out scaly friend off the van. If he turned and tried to attack me, this would indicate he was venomous. My plan was to drop him and run. Thankfully my highly flawed plan was not put to the test.

He seemed to be about 1.6mtrs long, but quite harmless. I wanted to catch him though just to make sure. I was channeling Steve Irwin, Harry Butler, Bear Grylls, The Leyland Brothers AND Indiana Jones, as I reached out and grabbed his head.
Don' try this at home. Note Kim's (still in van) facial expression - priceless.

And then of course we have the celebrity kiss.

our friendly snake was then released into Parramatta Park.

So next time you are in the Parramatta Park, having a picnic and you see something moving through the grass........

love yout work.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Footy Finals Fever 2011

Another season has past and the mighty Wests Tigers have made it to the final 8 again.

So my friends at Wests Ashfield want the club decked out in Tigers colours - different from last year of course.

So we start with the foyer.
Something that will WOW the members as they enter the club. OK, so let's do two columns and huge entry frame over the stairs. This will get the fans in for the game on Friday!

I also got to sell my brand new taper columns. Free standing, long lasting taper design with large helium star on top with the Tigers logo to top it off. These were placed throughout the level 1 foyer and the lounge.

Then we added some garland to highlight the signage, congratulating the team on making the finals again in 2011.

This is a close up of the sign that you could see from the entry foyer. Half way up the stairs we have a personalised square pack wall...

...or if you prefer the escalators, you won't miss out on the fun either.

Of course if the team go all the way to the big one, the Grand Final, we will get to have lots more fun. Go the Tigers!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sydney Harbour Wedding

How cool is this montage pf pictures. The very clever Wenjing Hu CBA put this together for me, and I wanted to share it with you for a few reasons.
1) I was in Melbourne on the weekend, so although I sold the job, I played no part in putting it together. My staff only had 1 hour to install and they did it!
2) It highlights how well "the right" balloon decor can work both outdoors and on the water.
The arch had extra weight on the bases, and the topiary balls are fastened to the rails securely. Even in the rough water shot (bottom left), the balloons ain't going anywhere. everything is in its place.
3) The funky buddies were specifically designed for the inside of boats. A dancefloor decor piece that won't float off out the back of the boat. They are also the perfect height so as not to obsruct the happy couple.
4) ..and finally it shows off the gorgeous Sydney Harbour!

Great job team!