Thursday, April 30, 2015

Velocity and BP Launch - Enhance your Brand

Last week Virgin Australia and BP teamed up to launch the new Velocity program around the nation. Obviously the partnership will enhance both brands and make the products of both companies more attractive to consumers.

MAD Balloons was chosen to provide the balloon decor for the Sydney events. We were to dress the BP Service Station at Rozelle in red and green, in a bid to transform it to a red carpet airport experience for the customer. It had to be ready by 6.30am and last all day.  Mother nature did her best to completely ruin the event, but our MAD Balloons designs were up to the challenge...!  This weatherproof arch greeted the customer as they entered the shop.

As you can see these outdoor columns are sitting on the saturated driveway. Originally the BP Safety Officer ruled them out due to the high winds. However when we showed him the "wide foot"aeropole base plates we had and the extra weights, he agreed to let us place one column out for 30 minutes and see what happened. As you can see mother nature could not destroy our robust designs and we were given authority to have all 4 out in the thick of it all day.  When we returned at 7pm to tear them down, they were still standing tall.

By creating the colour out on the driveway it brought the customers and once they were inside, they got the red carpet treatment from the Virgin hostesses.  Great job ladies.
We also had the BP logo on the green balloons and the Velocity logo on the red balloons for even greater branding impact inside.

So we were able to create designs that enhanced both the brands, we had the technology to withstand the weather onslaught, and did I mention that we installed it all in 70 minutes. Call us for the MAD Balloons experience and we will create the WOW for your major product launch.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter

Bring some festivity to your office at Easter. In a reception area that had minimal floorspace, we were able to design these simple table based pieces to go behind the reception desk. A great display and they didn't get in anyones way.

If you do have some floorspace we can create a design that will add some balance and contrast to the area. These Easter stands proved to be the perfect design for the small spot that was available.
I hope you all have a happy Easter.  See you after the long weekend!