Monday, November 12, 2012

X Factor and Wharf4Ward

As the stars were beginning their rehearsal at 9am, we were packing up and leaving. Mission accomplished.  So let's back track a few hours..... 

 The Sony Foundation were raising money for You Can - the Youth Cancer organisation.  Woolloomooloo Wharf was the place.  Wharf4Ward was the event name
We had been given the challenge of transforming the wharf from drab to dazzling for the event. Colour, colour, colour was the theme.  Something to WOW the rich and famous and encourage them to dig deep.  As you can see from these pictures, we did not disappoint.

We created 3mtr tall topiary towers with a 3' balloon topper with the Sony Foundation logo printed on it.  Then 300 x 16" balloons tied in lots of three along the piers and rails. 

The X Factor contestants were on hand, and any X Factor Fans would have seen our fantastic balloons on the short clip they did of the Wharf4Ward event on the show a week ago.
 As you can see our 2.30am start did the job.  Woolloomooloo Wharf was looking stunning by 9am.  The guests arrived by midday and a good time was had by all.  Lots of money was raised and it was all because of the balloons!!!!  We had created the X Factor !!!

...OK, the fact that Jessica Mauboy and the Sapphires were performing may have helped a bit too !!!
A big thankyou to Maureen Egan (Balloon Elegance) and Robyn Colantonio (Bella Balloons) for their assistance on this job. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TNT Orange Week at the office

Another example of an office event is TNT Orange Week. TNT have a whole week of celebrations, and they called in the MAD Balloons crew to do what we do.
A large walkunder arch at the entry to the office was the perfect way to start each day.  The squiggles on the arch add that extra touch of fun.
Don't forget about the reception girls. We covered the front of the reception desk with a balloon wall, which came up a treat with the backlight.  Nice and trim so customers and guests could still access the desk. 
Then a big balloon banner so there was no mistaking what they were celebrating.  Happy Orange Week TNT!

Friday, November 2, 2012

So what can you do?

When a company achieves a milestone, it is only natural to want to celebrate. This is when we often get the call and are asked "So what can you do for us?" Let me try and explain what MAD Balloons does using this recent example.
As you can see we can replicate your logo on the very large 90cm foil shape balloons. Big impact!! It also co-ordinates with, and enhances your banners etc.
The MAD Balloons staff will take the time to make sure that we get the arrangements right. As you can see, Alexandra is making sure that each bouquet is exactly the same as the others, and that they are perfectly finished.
Then we place the bouquets in position so the room looks fantastic and ready for the guests to arrive.  We also added a small masterbow next to the cake.  Adding some colour around the cake without overwhelming it.
Another large personalised column at the entry and this party is ready to go.
Ooh yeah.  And did I mention that we do early starts?  This event had to be ready for the early risers.  We were in at 6am, and out just before 7am.  All staff entered the office with a smile that day - even the really early ones!