Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter everyone

We have another shopping centre client who likes to use us occasionally. They have a "boutique" style centre, so we are able to do a balloon "Easter Egg" display that is interactive.

As you can see the little kids love it.
The manager told me that on Easter Saturday the display is destroyed by the kids as they 'souvenir' items on their way out after the Easter show the centre puts on. He loves it and apparently the kids do too....a win/win situation, so all is good!

We also do a nice big arch at the bottom of the escalators. This is right in the middle of the centre, so it is a real eye catcher for the shoppers. We use heavy weights and ensure all safety standards are met, so that everyone can go about their business. The simple designs really add that Easter Spirit to the centre, and it makes people want to hang around the place....and spend more money in the shops.

I hope you all have a great Easter. Stay safe and have fun.

Monday, April 18, 2011


A good client of our wanted some new ideas for Easter for their shopping centres. As times are a bit slow, they wanted to promotion to last 5 weeks. Time to bring out the Qualatex Bubble Balloons.

I presented the Bubble design to the client and they loved it. We installed these in their two shopping centres three weeks ago. I did a maintenance visit today, and they were all still looking fantastic. There are many bubble designs and they are perfect for long lasting displays.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Floral Christening

One of my very good clients asked me to do her daughters christening. She had hired a backdrop that had material and fairylights. She wanted a design to frame that and also the fabulous cake (not pictured unfortunately) She stipulated that it was to be a floral theme. I used some of my floral pillar designs at each side and then pink and lilac flowers across the top - all magically suspended. Not too little, not too much - just right

Friday, April 1, 2011

State Election - Number 1 !

Last weekend we had the state election here in NSW. The Liberal party got into government finally after 16 years. As with the Federal Election last year, MAD Balloons was commissioned to decorate the Liberal Party's party..... We kicked off with the new Qualatex suprafoil numbers. "Make NSW number 1 again" had been the liberal campaign motto, so large number 1 columns were a prefect reflection of this. We combined these with the liberal printed balloons for extra impact. Parramatta Leagues Club is a large venue and we needed to inflate our balloons and coral them in a net so we could arrange them. Wendy and Alicia are working together to size the columns. Wendy is spotting, giving Alicia instructions so that each column is exactly the same height. Once that is all done we move them into position and bingo! It was a sensational party and the balloons behind our new Premier as he made his victory speech looked fantastic.