Sunday, March 25, 2012

WBC - Friday classs and challenges

I must apologise that I do not have a great deal of photos for today. I spent the morning doing judging and prep for my class, and then teaching in the afternoon, so I was not "out and about" as much as I had been.

Anyway, I taught the Decor with Really BIG Balloons class today, and we had some fun, that is for sure. Here we all are with our 5.5' balloons and material.

For this class, I had to purchase all the material and bring it with me. My mum cam to my rescue and overlocked and hemmed the 4mtr lengths of material so they would be presentable. I was grateful and so were the people who attended my class.

The classroom door was not wide enough for us to fit the balloons through, so we went into the hotel foyer so we could continue and inflate the 8' balloons

After classes we had to run some challenges and a jam room for the delegates. Mala and I were put on challenges booth number two, and we had some fun. The jamroom continued until after 2am.

Mala decided we needed some aussie icons on our table at the final night dinner tomorrow night, so she managed to wangle in a kangaroo twisting contest (nice one Mala), and here are the three winners. They all went with the boxing kangaroo theme.

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