Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WBC - Final Night

I must apologise that there has been a considerable break between the final night dinner and me actually posting a blog for you all. I must have been more tired that I thought. On Friday night my commitments had ended and I went to sleep without having to set any alarms. My body decided to cash in and I slept for 14 hours straight, not waking until 2.15pm. I missed the classes and was nice and fresh for the final night dinner.
Here we all (well most of us) in our finery. Final night dinner in front of the Aussie Large Sculpture.

These next few pics feature the fabulous decor thoughout the room. Again the tapers and starpoints were the feature around the room...

...and on the ceiling...

Here is Australia's latest Certified Balloon Artist, and W.A's first. John Brew gained his CBA at the convention and, as you can see, his new found status made him a favourite with the ladies.

Then of course is the fabulous stage decor. Tapers featuring this year and they were very cool indeed.

Here are our competition entrants with Bruce and Rachelle Fraser - Beth Boynton, Amanda Girdlestone and Matt Russell. Unfortunately Christine Georgiou is not in the photo.

And after the formalities were over it was time to let our hair down and party. We were only on the dancefloor for a short time, because the DJ was rubbish, but I managed to capture this pic while we were there.

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