Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WBC2012 - registration and competitions

Good news is that we avoided a tornado, although some others in Texas got hit. Just saw a lady interviewed who survived as her house roof was taken away. Scary stuff.

I'd like to introduce you to Mr Q - Qualatex's new mascot.

Here is the finished foyer decor. We got it done first thing as most of the delegates check into the hotel during today....

... and also the paint pots are ready to be placed in the classrooms. Phew all done.

While some of us were finishing the decor, many of the Aussie team were again working feverishly, this time helping Amanda Girdlestone with her large sculpture competition. What a happy bunch.

I took this picture of a relatively empty room. Tomorrow I will try and take a pictures from a similar spot, and see if you can notice a change.

At the same time Azusa Ieizumi and her very talented team were starting on the Signature Sculpture. This is the main entry piece that you walk through as you enter the large space that holds classes/competition area/jam room and function space. They will transform this empty space....

...into this amazing entry.The Japanese are renowned for their intricate style and remarkable detail in their sculptures, and this design took that to a new level. These next few pictures emphasize that. Remember that this sculpture is 100% balloons.

That is it for now. The convention is about to get into full swing. Delegates are just about all here. The hotel has been transformed. All instructors are ready to roll. Let's go!

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