Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 4 - large sculptures, jamming and final night prep

OK, campers. Not sure how much longer I can hack the pace with minimal sleep. As the convention progresses it becomes more and more jam packed with fun stuff to do. less and less time to do this blog, so today's is a short one. BIG one tomorrow!!!!!

My day started at 5.45am (as usual). I did my Dazzling Dancefloors class first two sessions. I had 71 people turn up to my 8.30am class. This is what one side of my class looked like. The hands on was absloutely insane. 60 turned up for session two. The best thing was all the positve feedback that I have recieved throughout the rest of the day from a number of people in regards to the classes.

Large sculptures were being judged today. Here is my favourite sculpture. St George slaying the dragon. Awesome. I'm so glad I don't have to judge the large sculptures because they are all magnificent.

Pioneer put on an Internationals Reception this afternoon. All us overseas types were able to get together and share a story over a beverage. Very civilied really. Then tonight at 7.30pm I was on the gumballs and bubbles skills table. This is where delegates can ask questions, get some one on one intensive training, and generally hone their skills in a particular area.

I snuck a peek inside the ballroom for final night dinner. Not allowed to take any pics yet. Words fail me.

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