Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 3 Plant Tour and swingin' 60's

Wow, what a day today.....

I had my first classes today - topiary's and gumballs, and it was great. I was surprised at the number of people who struggled to even make a basic topiary ball, but once we cleared that hurdle we had some fun. Made some crowd balls also, and some 16" gumballs and deco bubbles. Had an Aussie in each class so it was fun.

I got to go on the Qualatex Plant tour this afternoon. Qualatex has a manufacturing plant about 10 minutes out of town, where they actually manufacture the latex balloons, and then ship them all over the world. The whole things was mind blowing. Not only do they make between 4-6 million balloons per week (of all shapes and sizes), but their quality control processes are amazing. I'm surprised we get any pops at all......

Then it was the Swingin' 60's Party last night. A good excuse to dress up and have some fun. The decor for it was predominantly neons with black light and there lots of peace signs, flowers and free love.....included in the theme!

Managed to catch up with most of the Aussie team. Pictured here are Bruce F., Rachael, Claire, Kristine, me, Mala and Beth.

There was also Major Marvin hardy on hand to keep everyone in order.

Oh and I bumped into these to rockers. Recognise them? I'll give you a hint. The chic next to me is Betty, and that bloke on her arm's name is Ted.A !!!

All incriminating photos have been removed from the blog to protect those pictured. However these photos will be kept for later bribery!!!


  1. Dave you have to wear that outfit on Hamilton if we do karaoke!


    PS Loving the photos of the balloon displays

  2. Awesome outfit! I can't believe how creative you can be with balloons!!!! Looks like a great conference - almost as good as an SU one.

  3. Thankfully you are quite unrecognisable in that outfit. How hilarious - good on you for all you've done - love the blog!