Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 5 Final Night

All I can say is "WOOOOOOOOOOOW".

What a day. We started the day with an Aussie morning tea that included tim tams, vegemite on jatz, minties, furry friends and caramello koalas. These were taste tested by a number of delegates- the vegemite got mixed reviews......

Then I had my last class - Speed Decorating. A fantastic class to do as there was NO PREP yay. I enjoyed this class and my Pioneer monitor who sat in on the class said that it should have been a mandatory class for all delegates. when it was done though I felt huge relief.

I was asked to present one of the final night awards, and this was a huge honour - and good fun too! They mustn'y know me very well because they let me loose with a microphone in a room with 720 people. I did the Deliverable Sculptures Award.

We finally got a picture of the Full australian contingent. What a good looking bunch of people.

At this stage I must mention that this blog has NOT been sponsored by the HiFloat Company. I had the pleasure of meeting the two special women in Phillip Kash's life (his mother and wife). Andrea (wife) said she has bee following this blog and they were disappointed that Hi Float had not been mentioned. In return for this free plug Andrea, I will require you to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

The final night decor was truly amazing. I can only add a few pics here. Words are superfluous at this point. check out the pictures.

Bruce Fraser found a friend - spongebob......
...and Beth found a friend - Treb Heining

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  1. Thanks for mentioning us Dave! It was a pleasure to meet you. Next time you are in Louisville you can come pick up some free HI-FLOAT! - Andrea