Monday, October 29, 2012

50th Anniversary Presents

It was the Revesby Workers Club 50th Anniversary recently. To kick off the 50th Anniversary celebrations they wanted 500 balloons in the dome in their foyer.  These were to stay up for 4 days.
Then they requested the fabulous taper topiary towers at all major vantage points through the club.  Imagine walking into the club and having these great designs welcome you. 

Next there was the sports bar.  Something that would look great for the week, and still be there when they did the big prize draw.  This was when the starpoints came into their own.  We created the starpoint wall (and altered the bottom layer of starpoints) to fit the space perfectly.

And what was the big prize draw. Of course it was a brand new car - BMW in fact. This was on display at the front of the club and we made sure that everyone who came in knew that it was going to be given away.  "It's our birthday and you get all the presents!!"  That type of feel.
Happy 50th Birthday Revesby Workers.  We hope you liked our presents!


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  3. Hi David,
    What a awesome job you did with balloon decoration for 50th anniversary present.I like taper topiary tower decoration. Good Ideas..!!