Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bigger Logo's are Better

We were asked to replicate a logo that was constantly moving on the screen.  I.T client of course. The logo was all bubbles and they were moving in, out and around.  How to replicate this with a static display of balloons was the question.  The client agreed to take a "snapshot" of the logo and we could replicate the picture.  And by the way, it has to be BIG! so that they can place it at the entry to their function and the guests can walk underneath it. 

I told the client that they would need to construct the frame.  Once I approved the specs, the client made a 5mtr tall full metal frame.  It had to be metal with plenty of weight as it was being placed outside.  As you can see Wendy and Hannah are NOT 5mtrs tall, so we lay the frame down during construction.  It was a 3-D design so both sides had to be covered.  We used the new wall technique using 8" duplets to achieve the uniform base coverage.

Then we added the 3', 24" and 16" highlights to make it look like the logo image that appeared on the screen.   Hold on tight ladies, don't let it go.....!

The client was extremely pleased with the final result, and the huge impact that it created. 
       .......just quietly, so were we!!

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