Thursday, March 29, 2012

WBC2012 - for the Stampin' Up girls!

To the Stampin' Up ladies in my lovely wife's team and to her customers. This blog post is for you. Many of you wished me well before I left for WBC in Dallas, so I feel it only right to give you a brief rundown of the events of the past 10 days.

On our first day, the Aussie team had to decorate the hotel foyer, and we came up with this masterpiece. Paint swirling down to a colour wheel and a feature wall painted by our new man, Mr Q !

Some delegates got involved in competitions and there were some awesome creations. This design won the large sculpture competition - just remember this is 100% balloons.

Yes the whole idea of WBC is to learn, and not just party. Here I am promoting the "learning" part of the convention in my class.

...and it would be remiss of me not to also promote the "partying" part of the convention. The theme was Circus so I came as the Aussie Human Cannonball!
The flying suit is authentic, as you will note by the strategic placement of the "easy access" zipper!!!

There were a large number of 'accented Aussies' at the convention, almost 30 of us, making us one of the largest represented of the 47 nations present. Here is the pick of the bunch - so to speak - with our large sculpture entry in the background!

It was great to catch up with some aquaintences and also to meet new friends.

...and you will agree with me that this is a fine example of American cuisine - also known as a "small pizza!"

That is about it from me. I just made it back yesterday. I hope to see you all at Marelle's launch on this Sunday. Just to clarify the human cannonball will not be able to attend, however his alter ego will be there to serve the food and drinks (with a smile) as usual!


  1. Love the outfit Dave, I especially like the extra large red gloves. The sculptures look amazing and it shows how passionate you all are in what you do.

  2. Wow Dave, I never knew there was such a thing as making sculptures with balloons. They look amazing! Your convention looks like it was as much fun as a Stampin' Up! one! Enjoy the launch party on Sunday.

  3. My gosh Dave....there is a whole other world out there....who would have thought you could do soooo much with balloons! Love your creativity.....really runs in the family ha ha...Carolin W.

  4. OMG!I never knew balloons could be so spectacular! Love the hotel foyer.

  5. Those balloons are AMAZING!! Who knew?? Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Wow! I just "discovered" your ever-so-talented wife. Now I find out she has an equally talented hubby. Home-life must be fun with so much creativity and craziness abounding. Thanks for enlightening us about the world of balloon art!
    Greetings from Canada. And have a wonderful weekend!
    God Bless ~Cynthia <><

  7. Wow that is amazing and at least you "get" us SU demos and all the craziness that goes along with our convention! You should have made swap cards with balloons on them :-)

  8. Hi Dave, those balloon sculpters are simply amazing. Love your costume, hope you kept your fluids up as I think it may have been a little hot in there. Also, I love the small pizza, I'd hate to see their family size!!!, Vicki

  9. You rock the human cannonball!!

  10. Many congratulations Dave on all your great achievements - you are part of one big fantastic family! Keep loving life and having fun together! Chris B xo