Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sydney Harbour Wedding

How cool is this montage pf pictures. The very clever Wenjing Hu CBA put this together for me, and I wanted to share it with you for a few reasons.
1) I was in Melbourne on the weekend, so although I sold the job, I played no part in putting it together. My staff only had 1 hour to install and they did it!
2) It highlights how well "the right" balloon decor can work both outdoors and on the water.
The arch had extra weight on the bases, and the topiary balls are fastened to the rails securely. Even in the rough water shot (bottom left), the balloons ain't going anywhere. everything is in its place.
3) The funky buddies were specifically designed for the inside of boats. A dancefloor decor piece that won't float off out the back of the boat. They are also the perfect height so as not to obsruct the happy couple.
4) ..and finally it shows off the gorgeous Sydney Harbour!

Great job team!


  1. Your idea, Baloons and Decorations Rocks...
    I know your ballon's have a greater role of bringing in the feeling of Celebrations at our Cruises functions in Sydney Harbour...
    David, brain behind MADBALLONS... love your Baloons and your arrangements too.. Well Done

  2. Wow amazing.....

    Its really admirable!!! I had a similar experience of having a party on the Sydney Harbour Charter Cruises along the Sydney Harbour. We had the similar kind of decorations on the cruise, and the baloons were red in colour.

  3. Thankyou "Magistic" ladies.

    Flattery will get you everywhere. I tell you what. You keep sending me great leads and event clients and I will keep making your boats look gorgeous. Is it a deal?

    speak to you soon. Dave