Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bigger is Better

Originally this client asked for me to cover the ceiling with loose balloons. If you notice the venue is ECQ bar at Circular Quay - floor to ceiling windows. The effect would have been a big balloon release...that would have been very quickly over

So after talking with the client we came up with some big taper and starpoint designs for the room. There were only going to be 35 guests. Big impact, consuming some empty space and creating atmosphere was the design brief.
The client had also ordered some extra lighting effects from their DJ, so we chose the gold and silver foils to maximise the lighting.

Also our designs blended perfectly with the modern, sophisticated style at ECQ Bar. Add the harbour bridge as the backdrop and you have an awesome night lined up.


  1. where do i get them balloons from cant find anybody to do them in lincoln uk

  2. Hi Linnecor.

    I am not sure who is located in Lincoln UK but any balloon professional should be able to do them. Ring around and tell them you have seen a design made with Qualatex 38" tapers and starpoints. Feel free to show them my blog post. Make sure you have some dollars up your sleeve for this, because the big effect has a reasonable price tag. Let me know how you go.