Thursday, May 16, 2013

balloon wall - great techniques

We were approached by Brands Exclusive to create a fun way to give out prizes at the Outdoor cinema at Centennial Park.  It was outdoors so had to be weatherproof, and something that could be constructed and removed quickly.  Only 1 hour bump in.
So we started with the 2 pack balloon wall.  A great design that I learnt at World Balloon Convention last year.  We constructed it in panels then trucked it to the site.  The first time we did it was so windy, so this created a few challenges.  All good though. Ian and Amy are modelling the wall beautifully........

Wendy is constructing the prize wall.  Each balloon had a prize in it and had to be individually tied to the net. Very time consuming, but you can see that the final effect looks super.  The prize wall net was mounted onto  the 2 pack balloon wall.  There was 600 prizes so a net on each side of the wall.
As the guests arrived at the 'theatre' they could choose a prize.  They used the "magic wand" to pop the balloon and they got the prize inside, and there were some awesome prizes.
Brands Exclusive were very pleased with the unique design.  It generated lots of interest, and was a real talking point among the movie goers.  Mission accomplished.


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  2. Hi DAVID,
    Great work..!!
    I like your creativity with balloons and just want to say your article is awesome.

  3. Hi, i am trying to make a balloon wall for my daughter's birthday. I have been scouring net for days to find a nice & easy technique to create one. But unfortunately I could not find a cheap & easy technique. Every technique requires a grid set up which is expensive. Can you please share the "NET" / fishing net technique you used to create the green wall above. where can i buy the mesh/net for the balloon wall. I will be thankful to you forever.