Monday, June 18, 2012

Big 3' Balloons for Big Spaces

3' Balloons are a bit of a favourite of mine.  They can be used to great effect in a number of different ways.  They are the best way of using big colour to fill in a large space, and create big colour impact.  Here are just a few ways we use big balloons at MAD Balloons.
Professionals Awards Night - 3' squiggle tower.

massive table bunch for the Wiggles/VW event.

3' balloons as table centrepieces in a very tall venue

3' balloon as comets with trailing star tails.
Some on the floor and some in the air


  1. Great!! These all the balloons are very nice and very giant! I think if these all the balloons i use in birthday then how much attractive these all would be there.

  2. I really like your style!!! how long does it take to get set up???

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