Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Valentines Tale - world's fastest balloon drop

So it's Valentines Day and I am on my way out of the city, having finished my last job at 11.30am. The mobile phone rings. "I am calling on behalf of Rod Stewart. Mr Stewart has just remembered it is Valentines Day and would like 2,000 red and white balloons to drop on the audience at tonight's concert. Can you get it all done and finished by 6pm tonight." "Are you fu#*%ng joking" was my response. Further words were exchanged between myself and the caller. Anyway I agreed to do it.

I called Alicia at the office and then called Wendy and Ian to come in to the office ASAP. We assembled the equipment, sourced another 600 balloons and arrived back at the Entertainment Centre just before 1pm. 5 hours to go. 2,000 balloons and 4 MAD balloonies. We got stuck in and went like the clappers.

Here is 'Mr Stewart' doing his sound check while we are rigging the nets. Don't you love the way people address stars using their formal name....

Nets in ceiling and job completed by 5pm. Yes indeed, we were 1 hour ahead of schedule. Absolutely sensational effort by my MAD team of Ian, Alicia and Wendy. A big thanks to Maureen Egan of Balloon Elegance who came back to the Ent. Centre to release the balloons with me at 10pm.

To see some of these images you can check out the MAD Balloons facebook page.

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