Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome to your Brand New Office

What do you do to welcome your staff to their brand new offices?

You call MAD Balloons for some sensational decorations.

Imagine how special each staff member would have felt walking through the doorway under the fantastic arch.
Once in they get their name badge and walk into the showroom for a welcome morning tea. As you can see it was a beautiful day and the large balloon bunches set the room off in a big way.

As well as some great branding and some awesome memorabilia the offices were brand spanking new. They did need just a little colour though...

...fret not as we had a variety of bunches through the different floors to welcome the new staff to their new desks.
Can you purchase high staff morale? I reckon you can. Call MAD Balloons for your dose of high staff morale.

This had to be ready by 7am. The full MAD team arrived on site just before 5am, and we left the site at 6.40am job done! Call us for your impossibly early installation, and we will make it happen.

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