Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stage Displays - class of 2011

At this time of year, there are a lot of graduation ceremonies that MAD balloons is asked to do. A regular question is how to create a stage display that is unique to the class of the year, but that will not get in anyones way, or be an obstacle on the stage. You can see what our answer is!

Using large number foil balloons as the focus and combining it with another design.
We can enclose the 2011 in arches...

or we can elevate the 2011 with some starpoints...

So it doesn't matter if the stage is large or small. The creative use of the many balloons we have available means that we can transform any size stage with a design that will not only look sensational in the photos, but will live on in everyones memory long after the event.


  1. i really like you have branch in philipines?

  2. Amazing!!! Great Job; Love all the ideas; I can see that your passion for creativity shows in the work you do.
    Teacher from the Caribbean.