Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Restaurant Opening....

Welcome to the new Hooters Restaurant Penrith, in Sydney's west. They had their general opening on Saturday, just past. however they called us in to do the decor for their VIP opening. You know you are a Hooters VIP when you can park your Ferrari in fron of the store....

Anyway, we created lots of garland at the entry and the balcony area of the store. This had street frontage so was able to focus the attention of all the passing traffic onto the new restaurant.

Did you know that every hooters in America has a palm tree inside (this is what I am told). We had to get some of these iconic creations in there. Floor space was at a premium so instead of creating a life sized palm tree (from balloons) we modified our feather fantasy table centres to be palm tree centres. cool huh?

As well as the VIP guests, you need your top Hooters girls on hand for the opening. Miss Hooters Australia 2011 (the very lovely Mallory) was on hand and loved MY balloon work so much that she insisted on having her photo taken with me......that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Work, work, work. My life is constant work.

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