Friday, April 1, 2011

State Election - Number 1 !

Last weekend we had the state election here in NSW. The Liberal party got into government finally after 16 years. As with the Federal Election last year, MAD Balloons was commissioned to decorate the Liberal Party's party..... We kicked off with the new Qualatex suprafoil numbers. "Make NSW number 1 again" had been the liberal campaign motto, so large number 1 columns were a prefect reflection of this. We combined these with the liberal printed balloons for extra impact. Parramatta Leagues Club is a large venue and we needed to inflate our balloons and coral them in a net so we could arrange them. Wendy and Alicia are working together to size the columns. Wendy is spotting, giving Alicia instructions so that each column is exactly the same height. Once that is all done we move them into position and bingo! It was a sensational party and the balloons behind our new Premier as he made his victory speech looked fantastic.

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