Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Arch Outdoors ?

I was called by Forth Wall Events and they wanted a "Grand Entry" for their clients Christmas Party. It had to incorporate '80' because the client was celebrating 80 years in business in Australia. Also it was outdoors, so had to be able to withstand the elements..... The easy part of the brief was the 1000 balloon drop and confetti canons from the stage inside the marquee, but I'll do a blog for drops and confetti another time.

So we settled upon this design that fulfilled all the requirements. It was a very hot and windy day at Randwick racecourse early in December. We had to underinflate the balloons so they wouldn't burst in the heat, and we had to secure the frames of the almost 3mtr tall 80 sculpture so it wouldn't be blown over.

...Alicia would love to be able to give up balloons to be Australia's Next Top Model. Please no-one tell her I posted this pic.


  1. Hello,,, Would you be able to give any helpful insight on how to make this? My grandma is turning 80 on March 1st and Id love to make this but the arch as a full 0. I bought the decorating arch strip from party city but tried it out tonight and it didn't go so well!!! Thank you very much!!! An 80 year old woman who loves her birthday would LOVE this!!!!! :)

  2. Sorry you can respond to! Thank you!