Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Take Flight"....into a new office space

I was called in to Microsoft to assist in the launch of their new offices and workspaces. Encouraging innovation in their staff they wantd them to 'take flight', and what better way to illustrate this theme than with balloons.

Using a number of sizes, from 16", 24" and 3' balloons, we set about the task. Also wanting their staff to bend their minds Microsoft required some "balloon bending".
I was having fun with this one. We used some 5.5' balloons for this purpose.

Then to the cafe area for some ceiling work. Not able to create the balloons in midair, we created an illusion of the ballons magically hanging up in the ceiling (no hooks and no helium involved here) to create a bit of a random, think outside the square and go with the flow effect.

You get a better idea of the cafe look from this picture. Taking flight and ideas cascading all over the place.

This is the only office photo that I can use here. Security. We had large 3' balloons placed through the offices as well as 250 of the yellow 15" single bubbles distributed to the workstations (not able to take photos of the workstations).
The installation was required to last for 2 weeks. No problems. I used Ultra Hi Float and most of it lasted three weeks.

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