Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Footy Finals - Wests Tigers

The footy finals are long gone now, and no the Wests Tigers did not feature in the Grand Final. However when it was still up in the air we were called in to decorate Wests Ashfield Leagues Club. On Monday the client walked us through the club and outlined their desires.

We we asked to install on the Tuesday......!

WestsTigers is a joint venture club so everything had to be split down the middle - black and orange for Tigers and black and white for Wests.

So we burnt the midnight oil and came up with the following designs to fulfil the client needs.

1)An entry piece that will wow everyone as they enter the club!

2)The Sports Bar was very bland so we gave it a bit of a lift

3)The escalators leading up to the lounge. Lots of garland was the answer and it fitted perfectly in the cavity beside the lifts.

4)Finally, the restaurant. "We want a big arch and something else around the place."
Large Topiary Balls - big impact, but high enough to be out of harms way, and will definitely go the distance.

The client was very happy, as were the thousands of fans who turned up to the club to watch the final. Unfortunately the result did not go their way, but the club was happy, as everyone hung around the enjoy the fantastic atmosphere created by the balloons.

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  1. wow, that looks awesome... really makes me feel homesick - go the tiges!