Saturday, July 10, 2010

BASA Victoria - Best of WBC

In june I was fortunate to be invited to Victoria by the Balloon Artists & Suppliers Association to teach the Best of WBC Class. Whenever I go to Melbourne it rains, and it was good to see that the the weather was as good as ever.

25 brave and hardy souls ventured out into the elements, and made it to The Manningham for a fun filled day of balloons. One of those trusty souls was Raelene who attended WBC in Dallas earlier this year. As a WBC attendee she had the honour of modelling the beer mug....

The thing I really love about teaching is the fact that I learn so much from the group. I prepare a class, demonstrate the designs I have and then hopefully have enough time to let everybody loose. It was fantastic to see people using the ideas I presented and then taking them to another level. For example I demonstrated how to create a topiary ball inside a 24"deco bubble (yes, INSIDE a deco bubble...). Anyway one of the ladies then managed to replicate the topiary, added a stem and hey presto, she created a flower. Brilliant! It added a whole new dimension to that design. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of that, but here are a few snaps of other bits and pieces we did.

And at the end of the day, when everyone went home, with buckets of balloons and loads of new ideas, I immersed myself in this long cold one. It barely touched the sides, but was just want the doctor ordered.
Thanks BASA VIC. Love your work!

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