Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 1 - We are at WBC 2010! YAY

After a long and eventful day I finally made it to WBC. 21.5 hours from leaving my house to arriving at Sheraton. My trip was pretty smooth. If any of you know Beth Boynton send her an email and ask her how her trip went....... it's a 27 hour horror story.

Anyway our favourite instructors Dee White and Jodie Norris have been here since Sunday and had just whipped up the fantastic entry decor. I took these photos at midnight as the team were still adding the finishing touches as you can see.

The registration area also looks pretty awesome.....
and the hospitailty suite.,.. OMG so many amaaaaazing designs in this room it would take 50 blog pages to show you, so you're gonna have to cope with one little pic. Take note of the "flowers" on the table.

Tomorrow is when the delegates start arriving and the fun begins. hopefully by then we will be able to send through some pictures with peope in them as well as balloons!!

P.S don't forget with the time change that you guys are a day ahead of us over here..... No I am not running behind........!!

P.P.S - Had dinner with John and Sue Bowler (formerly Marsden-Weston), and they send their love to all.

love your work.

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