Thursday, May 14, 2015

3rd Birthday Parties - Elegant and Sophisticated

We love doing 3rd Birthday Parties. Ok, so this was not a typical 3 year old kids party. It was the Marquee Sydney at the Star 3rd birthday.
We had some fabulous personalised large balloons throughout the club.  We sprayed them all white for extra impact.  The Happy Bday around the bar was the first thing that guests saw as they entered the room.  Big impact and a guaranteed great night coming up.

Obviously it isn't a celebration without Miss Australia, Richard Wilkins and some lovely ladies to cut the cake. Note the awesome photo "balloon backdrop"

We did a number of bunches to highlight the fact that this was a 3rd Birthday.  We tried to replicate the cake design and colour with the number 3.  Having everything matching adds to the atmosphere of elegance andsophistication.

...speaking of elegance and sophistication...!!.

Here is a full shot of the media wall .  Our "piece de resistance".  As with Marquee, I am happy to design an effect that will suit the needs of your celebration or launch.  Here I did the large number 3 and 6 large round balloons with silk draping spilling down to the floor.  We couldn't find a celebrity for this shot, so I had to pretend.  Good news - I'm not giving up my day job!!  Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Velocity and BP Launch - Enhance your Brand

Last week Virgin Australia and BP teamed up to launch the new Velocity program around the nation. Obviously the partnership will enhance both brands and make the products of both companies more attractive to consumers.

MAD Balloons was chosen to provide the balloon decor for the Sydney events. We were to dress the BP Service Station at Rozelle in red and green, in a bid to transform it to a red carpet airport experience for the customer. It had to be ready by 6.30am and last all day.  Mother nature did her best to completely ruin the event, but our MAD Balloons designs were up to the challenge...!  This weatherproof arch greeted the customer as they entered the shop.

As you can see these outdoor columns are sitting on the saturated driveway. Originally the BP Safety Officer ruled them out due to the high winds. However when we showed him the "wide foot"aeropole base plates we had and the extra weights, he agreed to let us place one column out for 30 minutes and see what happened. As you can see mother nature could not destroy our robust designs and we were given authority to have all 4 out in the thick of it all day.  When we returned at 7pm to tear them down, they were still standing tall.

By creating the colour out on the driveway it brought the customers and once they were inside, they got the red carpet treatment from the Virgin hostesses.  Great job ladies.
We also had the BP logo on the green balloons and the Velocity logo on the red balloons for even greater branding impact inside.

So we were able to create designs that enhanced both the brands, we had the technology to withstand the weather onslaught, and did I mention that we installed it all in 70 minutes. Call us for the MAD Balloons experience and we will create the WOW for your major product launch.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter

Bring some festivity to your office at Easter. In a reception area that had minimal floorspace, we were able to design these simple table based pieces to go behind the reception desk. A great display and they didn't get in anyones way.

If you do have some floorspace we can create a design that will add some balance and contrast to the area. These Easter stands proved to be the perfect design for the small spot that was available.
I hope you all have a happy Easter.  See you after the long weekend!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kia Reveal

Time for a tale of a job of epic proportions.  So get yourself a cuppa and settle back in for a sizable read.  It is okay as there is an awesome video at the end for your viewing pleasure

The Brief
  1. Create an original way of revealing the two new KIA cars at the Sydney MotorShow 2012.  The cars are to be completely covered with balloons and the balloons are to simply 'melt away' to reveal the vehicles.  The balloon covering is not to look structured but very 'organic'.
  2. The vehicles must be COMPLETELY covered. 
  3. The job must be completed by 8am for a 9.30am reveal.  
  4. Balloons are to be helium filled as they want minimum rigging.  Also helium balloons will have a more random, organic feel as they simply fly away.

"...And where is the Motorshow being staged??"

"Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre."
At this point I need to alert the client to the fact of the $3,300 fine they would incur if a single balloon got away from us and broke the laser fire alarms inside the building.  SCEC would not allow them to simply release all the balloons in their desired 'organic' manner.

I won't bore you with the details of the many meetings over the next month, the failed initial trial, the successful second trial.  However I will tell you that to overcome the fire alarm issue and to keep the 'organic' feel we decided to attach all the balloons to a net - double sided.

So, this is me going nuts at about midnight doing the real thing in our tiny construction room.  Wait a minute. Back up.  I didn't tell you about our schedule did I?  Read on
Full dress rehearsal the day before and then the reveal next day.  Easy right?  Try this schedule on;
  • 11am - arrive at SCEC for dress rehearsal.  6 people on site. Construct and install 1 net.  Trying to accommodate clients requests as we proceed ("can you add a bit more red in that area" etc).
  • 5pm. - install net.  Test and checks and leave at 5.30pm.
  • Back to workshop to pack van for the real thing.  Dinner.
  • 9.45pm - back in the van and drive to SCEC.  Bump in all supplies at 10.30pm.  Two extra people join us making it 8 staff.
  • 11pm - everyone is assigned their tasks and we begin.  Nets are hung between poles.  1 person on each side of the net passing the balloon necks through and tying them on.
  • 2.45am - first net finished.  Making good time, but the team is starting to feel the pinch after being on deck since 11am yesterday.  Quick drinks break.
  • 3am - start second net.
  • 7am - second net completed.  1 hour to put them together and get them rigged.  After 20 hours on the job it was getting tough.  Client has arrived and is starting to apply the pressure.
  • 8.15am - nets rigged and ready to go for reveal.  

Due to the small work room we were allocated, each net had to be made in 4 pieces.  Once each section is completed we had to send them out of the room and clamp them to the floor.  Once 4 pieces were completed we had to put them together to make one big cover, as Wendy is doing above.  Once done we 'wrapped' the net over the car and tied it down.
Interesting Facts
  •  each net had just over 1500 helium filled balloons.
  •  two balloons popped while rigging.  Each time it was a race to find which balloon had popped and make sure it's pair did not get away.  
  • As we were bumping out there were a number of other car manufacturers coming to have a look at the Kia stand.
  • This is the biggest job that I have ever undertaken, so great satisfaction to get it done.

8.15am and all is well.  From left to right we have Rebecca, Albert, Ian, Michelle, Dave, Maureen.  Wendy and Robyn had to leave just before the picture.  
My thanks to Rebecca and Michelle from The Party Hive,  Robyn from Bella Balloons and Maureen from Balloon Elegance for their invaluable assistance. 

*Click the above image to view the video!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

balloon wall - great techniques

We were approached by Brands Exclusive to create a fun way to give out prizes at the Outdoor cinema at Centennial Park.  It was outdoors so had to be weatherproof, and something that could be constructed and removed quickly.  Only 1 hour bump in.
So we started with the 2 pack balloon wall.  A great design that I learnt at World Balloon Convention last year.  We constructed it in panels then trucked it to the site.  The first time we did it was so windy, so this created a few challenges.  All good though. Ian and Amy are modelling the wall beautifully........

Wendy is constructing the prize wall.  Each balloon had a prize in it and had to be individually tied to the net. Very time consuming, but you can see that the final effect looks super.  The prize wall net was mounted onto  the 2 pack balloon wall.  There was 600 prizes so a net on each side of the wall.
As the guests arrived at the 'theatre' they could choose a prize.  They used the "magic wand" to pop the balloon and they got the prize inside, and there were some awesome prizes.
Brands Exclusive were very pleased with the unique design.  It generated lots of interest, and was a real talking point among the movie goers.  Mission accomplished.

International Nurses Day

The Nurses at Canterbury Hospital decided to make a splash for International Nurses Day 2013
Start with some great colourful bubble columns as you enter the hospital foyer

And then it wouldn't be the same without a big bright squiggly walkunder arch at the entry to the cafe.

To all the great nurses in our hospitals, we say thank you!! Glad we could help you celebrate the day!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

X Factor and Wharf4Ward

As the stars were beginning their rehearsal at 9am, we were packing up and leaving. Mission accomplished.  So let's back track a few hours..... 

 The Sony Foundation were raising money for You Can - the Youth Cancer organisation.  Woolloomooloo Wharf was the place.  Wharf4Ward was the event name
We had been given the challenge of transforming the wharf from drab to dazzling for the event. Colour, colour, colour was the theme.  Something to WOW the rich and famous and encourage them to dig deep.  As you can see from these pictures, we did not disappoint.

We created 3mtr tall topiary towers with a 3' balloon topper with the Sony Foundation logo printed on it.  Then 300 x 16" balloons tied in lots of three along the piers and rails. 

The X Factor contestants were on hand, and any X Factor Fans would have seen our fantastic balloons on the short clip they did of the Wharf4Ward event on the show a week ago.
 As you can see our 2.30am start did the job.  Woolloomooloo Wharf was looking stunning by 9am.  The guests arrived by midday and a good time was had by all.  Lots of money was raised and it was all because of the balloons!!!!  We had created the X Factor !!!

...OK, the fact that Jessica Mauboy and the Sapphires were performing may have helped a bit too !!!
A big thankyou to Maureen Egan (Balloon Elegance) and Robyn Colantonio (Bella Balloons) for their assistance on this job. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TNT Orange Week at the office

Another example of an office event is TNT Orange Week. TNT have a whole week of celebrations, and they called in the MAD Balloons crew to do what we do.
A large walkunder arch at the entry to the office was the perfect way to start each day.  The squiggles on the arch add that extra touch of fun.
Don't forget about the reception girls. We covered the front of the reception desk with a balloon wall, which came up a treat with the backlight.  Nice and trim so customers and guests could still access the desk. 
Then a big balloon banner so there was no mistaking what they were celebrating.  Happy Orange Week TNT!

Friday, November 2, 2012

So what can you do?

When a company achieves a milestone, it is only natural to want to celebrate. This is when we often get the call and are asked "So what can you do for us?" Let me try and explain what MAD Balloons does using this recent example.
As you can see we can replicate your logo on the very large 90cm foil shape balloons. Big impact!! It also co-ordinates with, and enhances your banners etc.
The MAD Balloons staff will take the time to make sure that we get the arrangements right. As you can see, Alexandra is making sure that each bouquet is exactly the same as the others, and that they are perfectly finished.
Then we place the bouquets in position so the room looks fantastic and ready for the guests to arrive.  We also added a small masterbow next to the cake.  Adding some colour around the cake without overwhelming it.
Another large personalised column at the entry and this party is ready to go.
Ooh yeah.  And did I mention that we do early starts?  This event had to be ready for the early risers.  We were in at 6am, and out just before 7am.  All staff entered the office with a smile that day - even the really early ones!

Monday, October 29, 2012

50th Anniversary Presents

It was the Revesby Workers Club 50th Anniversary recently. To kick off the 50th Anniversary celebrations they wanted 500 balloons in the dome in their foyer.  These were to stay up for 4 days.
Then they requested the fabulous taper topiary towers at all major vantage points through the club.  Imagine walking into the club and having these great designs welcome you. 

Next there was the sports bar.  Something that would look great for the week, and still be there when they did the big prize draw.  This was when the starpoints came into their own.  We created the starpoint wall (and altered the bottom layer of starpoints) to fit the space perfectly.

And what was the big prize draw. Of course it was a brand new car - BMW in fact. This was on display at the front of the club and we made sure that everyone who came in knew that it was going to be given away.  "It's our birthday and you get all the presents!!"  That type of feel.
Happy 50th Birthday Revesby Workers.  We hope you liked our presents!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Attention to Detail . . . . everytime

Hi David

Just want to say what an awesome job you did with the balloon decorations for Audrey’s 21st party last week; the room looked stunning and the balloons were the best colours I had seen anywhere. I really appreciate that you went to the extra trouble to get the string/star height just right, and with all the curled ribbons, it really got the party atmosphere going.
Thanks for all your advice and for doing a fabulous job. I will be sure to tell others where to go for their balloon decorations.
Kindest regards

My website says that "Attention to Detail makes MAD Balloons different".  It is not just a glib statement. This client noticed that we custom cut and curled their ribbon (as I told her that we would), and made sure the star cutouts on their balloons were high enough so as not to poke anyone in the eye.  As you can see we do focus on the details - in all of our events - large and small.  Positive feedback like this makes my day. This is why I do what I do!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Batmitzvah...and more 3' balloon ideas

The main feature was certainly the buffet table.  The client had made the letters of their daughters name and we used the brand new 3' polka dot clear balloons to highlight this.  We put 11' balloons inside each of the 3' balloons to make it blend beautifully with the rest of the decor.  We also sourced some fabulous hot pink polka dot boxes and added orange masterbows to anchor all the balloons.  The whole thing was gorgeous!!

We added some big colour at the guests tables without blocking the million dollar view of the Pacific Ocean
Then we employed the 3' balloons on the dancefloor.  The large balloons had two purposes.  The first was to create the traditional divide on the dancefloor to keep the sexes seperated.  The second was to again put some colour into the huge ceiling void. 

 We achieved our objective....and most importantly our client was very happy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Big 3' Balloons for Big Spaces

3' Balloons are a bit of a favourite of mine.  They can be used to great effect in a number of different ways.  They are the best way of using big colour to fill in a large space, and create big colour impact.  Here are just a few ways we use big balloons at MAD Balloons.
Professionals Awards Night - 3' squiggle tower.

massive table bunch for the Wiggles/VW event.

3' balloons as table centrepieces in a very tall venue

3' balloon as comets with trailing star tails.
Some on the floor and some in the air