Thursday, May 14, 2015

3rd Birthday Parties - Elegant and Sophisticated

We love doing 3rd Birthday Parties. Ok, so this was not a typical 3 year old kids party. It was the Marquee Sydney at the Star 3rd birthday.
We had some fabulous personalised large balloons throughout the club.  We sprayed them all white for extra impact.  The Happy Bday around the bar was the first thing that guests saw as they entered the room.  Big impact and a guaranteed great night coming up.

Obviously it isn't a celebration without Miss Australia, Richard Wilkins and some lovely ladies to cut the cake. Note the awesome photo "balloon backdrop"

We did a number of bunches to highlight the fact that this was a 3rd Birthday.  We tried to replicate the cake design and colour with the number 3.  Having everything matching adds to the atmosphere of elegance andsophistication.

...speaking of elegance and sophistication...!!.

Here is a full shot of the media wall .  Our "piece de resistance".  As with Marquee, I am happy to design an effect that will suit the needs of your celebration or launch.  Here I did the large number 3 and 6 large round balloons with silk draping spilling down to the floor.  We couldn't find a celebrity for this shot, so I had to pretend.  Good news - I'm not giving up my day job!!  Enjoy!!


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